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In between creating Power Images for individual orders, I create Power Images based on the visions that come to me. In the gallery below, you will find currently available images that you can purchase if you feel drawn to them, as this means I’ve painted them just for you!

These ready images flow straight from my heart and are filled with joy and love! Similar to the process for custom Power Images, I precede the creative process with meditation and only create while in a high vibration. All of my artworks are created on Tenerife, and due to the strong connection with all elements: the Ocean, the Volcano, the Black Earth, and the vast Space, it’s a very powerful place. The island’s light manifestation and high vibration further saturate the images.

Each of them is carefully crafted, cherished, and awaited by me. It’s all LOVE!

If you wish to acquire one of the artworks, before adding it to your cart, please contact me to arrange the details of delivery. I would be delighted to get to know the person who will hold a piece of my soul.

Currently available Images of Power