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Malarka Kamila Kamińska

Kamila Kamińska

Hello! My name is Kamila. As I write these words, I’ve been living and creating in the breathtaking San Marcos on Tenerife for 10 months. Living on this paradise island where summer lasts all year, where I wake up with the sun, live slowly and peacefully, and where I’ve started to share the artistic and magical side of my soul with people, is a result of my decision to create a new perfect life. And I didn’t create it through positive thinking and affirmations.

Not long ago, my present life was just a dream. I tried to reach it by using affirmations, expressing wishes, and believing it would happen. But I got stuck, and nothing was working… despite my efforts, that vision wasn’t within reach, and it wasn’t on my horizon.

It was one of the mistakes I made before: I was thinking about how I wanted to live, expressing wishes, and working on my dream by building the right business, but… I wasn’t feeling how a person who already had that life would feel. I wasn’t emitting the energy that Kamila, who lives peacefully, does what she loves, and has a view of the ocean, would emit… It happened only when I started to consciously raise the vibration of specific feelings in the right way and supported it with visualization that magic began to happen.

Observing this transformation from the outside, you might say that suddenly many coincidences appeared, allowing me to achieve my goal. Yes! There were plenty of these coincidences! Everything I experienced was truly extraordinary. I didn’t expect such a sequence of events, and I couldn’t have come up with such a scenario myself. But no event ever occurred by chance; it was the result of my daily work with myself, with my thoughts, words, energy, and the vibration of my body. It was the result of my openness to the unknown, to trusting the space…

The right people appeared around me, I found myself in the right places at the right time. Suddenly, opportunities to make money and get rid of obligations arose. When I needed something, I immediately received the right information. And when all of this literally presented itself in front of me, I didn’t hesitate about whether it would work out or not; I seized the opportunity and charged forward.

For one year, everything fell into place so that I could live in my dream paradise and engage in what I love – Artistic Creation and Helping Others in similar Transformation, Growth, Development, and Moving Forward.

With such experience, I help others in making real changes in their lives by altering the energy and vibration of their body.

I create Images of Power and conduct Personal Transformation Courses for individuals ready for change, ready to work on themselves, and ready to live a new life!

I am an artist, a painter. I create multi-layered Images of Power depicting the individuals who order them, but already in their future, in health, love, joy, abundance, with the right vibration and aligned chakras. My works are born in a high energetic vibration. I precede each work with a meditation that opens the heart chakra and flow. I paint based on information in the space we colloquially call intuition. During the process, I hum mantras, express wishes, read the energy field, and check if change is already taking place…

A completed Image of Power is an extraordinary tool because its purpose is to remind you of your NEW VIBRATION every time you look at it.

The IMAGE is created in high vibrations, and that vibration remains within it. It is filled with powerful feelings of joy and love. When you look at it, you smile and feel amazed. It features you in a state of complete happiness and emotions from your New Wonderful Life. As you see this version of yourself, the corresponding emotions automatically grow within you. This allows your New Vibration to become your truth, and you start to feel it more and more often. Images of Power accelerate the process of change as they show you as the existing person from the future. And since that person already exists and you feel her joy, you don’t want to return to old habits.