what are Images of Power?

You continually create your world

You continually create your world. Each of us possesses energy and power. Through them, you shape your world. Whether you’re aware of it or not, every day you create your future through thoughts, words, and actions. Your external life reflects your inner life. If you’re unhappy with the way your life is unfolding, if you desire change, if you dream of a different life, you wish for things to be different. However, nothing will change externally until you transform your internal world.

Everything is energy. Immersed in this energy, you vibrate in a specific manner, and the world around you adjusts to that vibration. This is easy to see in simple examples: if you wake up in a bad mood, you encounter unpleasant people, your train is late, and a passing car splashes you with water from a puddle. Everything seems to go wrong… until you change your mood. On the other hand, if you’re in a good mood and vibrating with joy, people smile at you, positive things happen, you quite literally receive gifts from the universe.

These are the simplest examples, ones you’ve surely experienced many times in life. Your vibration translates into everything, literally. If you focus on money, but think about bills and fear not having enough money to pay them, that’s exactly what will happen, and to make things worse, your car might break down, leading to even greater expenses. Or perhaps you want to find love? If you keep looking and tell everyone around you that you can’t meet anyone to connect with, by sending out this vibration of lack, you’ll remain in solitude and your relationships will be short-lived and unsatisfying.

When you want to change your life, the only way to do it is by changing the energy you emit all the time...

Are you ready to change your vibration?

This means you must change your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions. Only then will the vibration your body resonates with change.

Look at the recent example: You desire love. The only way to meet your true love is to BECOME LOVE. By emitting the vibration of love, everything around you will vibrate in the same way, and suitable individuals will practically appear in your field immediately!

Conversely, if you vibrate with seeking, fear of commitment, disappointment, or the belief that you’ll never meet the one. Can you guess what will happen? Exactly that. You’ll forever be searching, but you won’t find…

IMAGES OF POWER - The power of visualization sustaining new high vibrations!

IMAGE OF POWER is an extraordinary tool aiding in this transformation, as every time you look at it, it immediately reminds you of your NEW VIBRATION.

Your IMAGE OF POWER is a mirror for you, one you’ve placed to reflect upon as often as possible. But you don’t see an individual within it who is unhappy, longing for peace, love… lacking health or not having enough money. When you see the new you emanating new emotions, those feelings instantly arise within you, and you step into your new energy and vibration. And that is the foundation for bringing about a change.

IMAGES OF POWER evoke specific emotions. See examples of the intentions with which they are painted:

The power of Love and Abundance

This magical painting speaks of empowerment, a sense of connection with the universe, cosmic force and energy, higher self. It speaks of certainty. Galaxies, stars, and stardust envelop and remind you of who you truly are and where you come from.

It tells about being love, being filled with love, and how that love flows through us and to others, lifting and assisting them. Flowers flowing through the heart center are an emanation of love, flowing onward to all beings, so they can feel the same.

The figure in the painting is bathed in the radiance of a star, symbolizing abundance on all levels, financial abundance, friendship, love, ideas, possibilities. The person is open to all of this, with an open stance, absorbing every shine and gift from the universe.

Large-format painting: 120x160cm
Acrylic on canvas.

Obraz Mocy Radość z życia i Obfitość

Pure Joy and Abundance

This artwork opens the heart, as well as the heart chakra responsible for creativity, imagination, power, and a sense of agency, for creating one’s own reality. It says that in our own universe, we set the rules, that’s why poppies can be pink and clouds can be fairy-tale-like! The overflowing wave submerges the entire figure in pure joy and love. Ultimately, everything is immersed in love and joy and is perfect.

The wave is also a vortex, a conduit, awakening the energy of abundance, the energy of wealth, money. It just is. Abundance floods the woman and the world she has created. Money flows to the figure in the painting ceaselessly, just like waves perpetually arise in the ocean. The ocean and its waves are an incredible force and power of nature, of which we are a part and from which we can draw.


Large-format painting: 120x160cm
Acrylic on canvas.

I create a new life and a new world full of love.

An artwork for an exceptionally strong individual who has encountered various realms and transformed their life multiple times. While seeking their path, they’ve continually grown, awakening hidden talents. They found, decided, set foot on a new path, on new terrain, and took the first step. They’re in an unfamiliar place, yet radiate joy and love. They possess a vision for their life.

The supportive energy of planets and stars soothes and strengthens them.

They delve into knowledge serving body healing through the mind and emotions, or rather, they remember what they already knew with the intention of aiding others. In their heart, a new galaxy full of love and support is born, inviting those who cross their path and require a helping hand. It fills them with love, wisdom, and understanding.


Large-format painting: 120x160cm
Acrylic on canvas.

Magic of the Eternal Universe

This painting was created as a birthday gift. It’s a fantasy about the cosmic starry sky. It speaks of our magical world filled with stunning phenomena like the Milky Way, galaxies, stars above us, northern lights, rainbows, sunrises, and sunsets… It says that all of this has existed forever and will always exist, inspiring wonder and evoking a sense of unity with the cosmos and nature, with colors, sounds…

The Thousand-Year-Old Dragon Tree grows in Icod de Los Vinos in Tenerife, right near my home. It’s a symbol of longevity. The native people of the Canary Islands, the Guanches, attributed magical and healing properties to dragon trees. Cutting through the distinctively twisted layers of the tree’s bark causes resin to ooze out, resembling human blood.

The intention of the artwork is HEALING of the body, energy, and mind. LONGEVITY, experiencing many peaceful and colorful years. IN HEALTH, in high vibrations and emotions of awe for the vastness of the universe and a sense of unity with it.

Artwork dimensions: 30x40cm
Acrylic on canvas.