Your IMAGE OF POWER: Visualization strength altering energy and arousing high vibrations.

Your past thoughts, words, and actions have created your present world and your current life. How you think, what you say, and what you feel are specific energies, an electromagnetic field, that you constantly emit, thus creating your future.

To effect change in your life, you must alter the energy you emit. This means starting to feel right now as if you are living your new life. The moment your body accepts your new vibration and energy, when thinking and speaking in the new way becomes natural, your external world will start adjusting to what you have created within.

IMAGE OF POWER is an extraordinary tool aiding in this transformation, as every time you look at it, it immediately reminds you of your NEW VIBRATION.

Your IMAGE OF POWER is a mirror for you, one you’ve placed to reflect upon as often as possible. But you don’t see an individual within it who is unhappy, longing for peace, love… lacking health or not having enough money. When you see the new you emanating new emotions, those feelings instantly arise within you, and you step into your new energy and vibration. And that is the foundation for bringing about a change.

Capture the energy of your future right now!

How are the Full Energy IMAGES OF POWER created?

We get to know each other. You tell me about your old life, where you’re headed, and what kind of life you desire.

Once I get to know you and sense your emotions, I’m connected with your energy field, feeling what’s happening, whether you’ve already made the decision about your new life and if you’re moving towards it.

An image forms in my mind, starring you, your energy, or how my heart sees you. You are there from the future, with all the positive emotions that have been missing from your life so far.

Before I work with the image on a daily basis, I meditate to raise my vibration. You need to understand that the energy with which we do or create something remains in the object. Your Image of Power should be charged with the energy of love, so that when you look at it, you feel waves of wonderful emotions. That’s why I don’t paint on days when I feel weaker and my energy isn’t high.

Hello! My name is Kamila Kamińska, and for many years, I’ve been working with people, their minds, and their potential. I love when people grow, when I witness their transformation and development, when they let go of rigid concepts and become increasingly free, starting to live in their truth, in love, in flow, in abundance!

I’m an artist, a painter; I create multi-layered IMAGES OF POWER depicting the individuals who order them, but already in their future, in health, in love, joy, abundance, with the right vibration and aligned chakras. My works are created in a high energetic vibration. Each time, I precede the work with a meditation that opens the heart chakra and the flow. I paint based on information in the space, commonly referred to as intuition. While working, I hum mantras and express wishes, I read the field and check if the change is already happening…


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